Most Used Cell Phone’s Sensors

Currently All Costly Mobile Phones Come With A Variety Of Sensors That Automate Or Easy Many Of Our Daily Tasks.

There Are Some Common & Most Used Sensors List

1. Accelerometer

The Accelero-Meter Is A Built-In Electronic Component That Measures Tilt And Motion. It Is Also Capable Of Detecting Rotation And Motion Gestures Such As Swinging Or Shaking.

2. Gyroscope

A Gyroscope Is A Device That Uses Earth’s Gravity To Help Determine Orientation. Allows The Device To Rotate The Screen From Portrait To Landscape When You Turn Your Phone As Well As Use The Device Orientation As A Controller For Games

3. Proximity

This Usually Turns The Screen Off When You Hold It Up To Your Head While On A Phone Call So You Don’t Accidentally “Push” Any Buttons

4. Magnetometer

The Magnetometer Sensor In Your Device Measures The Direction Of The Magnetic Field Acting On Your Device (Mostly Used for Compass)

5. Ambient Light Sensors

This Is Used To Automatically Adjust The Brightness Of The Screen Back-Light Both To Improve Battery Life And Make It Easier To See The Screen

(Auto Brightness Function Will Not Be Shown If You Do Not Have Ambient Light Sensor)

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